Görväln water treatment plant in the Järfälla district of Stockholm. Image Norrvatten.

NCC awarded contract for water treatment plant in northern Stockholm

NCC has initiated a partnership with Norrvatten to plan for the expansion of drinking water production in northern Stockholm. A new plant will supplement
the existing Görväln water treatment plant in the Järfälla district of Stockholm, thereby increasing the production capacity of clean drinking water.

Northern Stockholm is expanding, and to meet the growing need for water and ensure proper drinking water quality going forward, a supplementary water plant is being built adjacent to the existing water plant. The new facility will comprise an additional step in the purification process that removes viruses, bacteria, and parasites from the water.

NCC will plan the project and take part in the design work in partnership with Norrvatten. After that, there is a possibility of signing a construction contract for a design-and-build contract in partnering form. The Board of Directors of Norrvatten is expected to make a preliminary decision on project implementation in 2024 that will include decisions on the budget and timetable.

Norrvatten is a municipal association that produces and distributes drinking water to 14 member municipalities in the northern Greater Stockholm area. Nearly 700,000 people, several major hospitals, and Arlanda airport get their drinking water from Norrvatten.

“The partnering model means we can contribute our competence to the project at an early stage. Together with Norrvatten, we will plan for a supplementary facility with a modern and efficient purification process that will increase the capacity for future needs in the North Stockholm region,” says Per Johansson, Business Manager NCC Infrastructure.

NCC has extensive experience in water purification and has specialist expertise throughout the chain, from concept to commissioning. In the last five years, NCC has collaborated on the construction of 25 water and wastewater treatment plans.

In the tender documentation, Norrvatten provided an estimated construction cost of approximately SEK 2 billion.

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