NCC cited a Diversity Leader 2024

The Financial Times and market research company Statista have cited NCC as one of Europe’s Diversity Leaders. The award is listed in a report, List of Diversity Leaders 2023, featuring companies that actively promote diversity and inclusion.

NCC works purposefully with diversity and inclusion in order to be a competitive company. Marie Reifeldt, Head of HR at NCC, describes how the Group is working and why recruiting from the entire pool of relevant talent is important.

“We have to expand our talent pool if we want to gain access to the best skills. To secure skills for the future, we have to attract a wider target group and work actively to recruit and develop the best talent,” says Marie Reifeldt, Head of HR at NCC.

To continue growing and achieving success, NCC needs the most skilled, knowledgeable and experienced employees in the industry. It is important, therefore, to be an attractive choice for all target groups with the skills required by NCC.

“A team of employees with a wide range of skills, backgrounds and experience is better equipped to solve problems and find solutions more efficiently. It is a success factor in our sector. It is gratifying that NCC has been recognized as a leading organization in diversity,” says Marie Reifeldt.

NCC is pursuing several initiatives to improve diversity within the Group. In Sweden, for example, a Diversity Council has been established to focus on various initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. In 2022, diversity training became mandatory for all employees in Norway, and NCC also highlights role models and people with different backgrounds and experience when recruiting.

Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion are needed at all levels of the company.

“If we look at the Group’s gender balance, for example, we are making progress and there are a lot of women in the company. Women make up one-third of our management teams and more than half of the Senior Management Team. In NCC’s role as a knowledge company, more than half of our employees are currently white collar workers and 29 percent of these employees are women. But we are not satisfied, however, and must continue to develop. We can also confirm only 3 percent of our skilled workers are women, so there is still a lot of work to be done here.

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