NCC on Allbright’s annual list of gender-equal management teams

The Allbright foundation recently published its annual list outlining gender equality among Sweden’s publicly traded companies. NCC has an even gender distribution in its Group management, thereby placing it on Allbright's green list for publicly traded companies.

“A team consisting of employees with different skills, backgrounds and experience is more capable of solving problems and finding solutions more efficiently, which are success factors in our industry. I am delighted about the inclusion of NCC on Allbright’s green list for publicly traded companies,” says Marie Reifeldt, Head of HR at NCC.

Every year, the Allbright Foundation ranks listed companies from best to worst on the basis of promoting women to management teams. The gender-equal companies are listed on the green list for publicly traded companies. Of a total of 347 publicly traded companies, 67 companies are ranked on the green list. NCC’s Group management consists of 11 members: six women and five men.

“It’s important that we consider the entire talent pool that is available to get access to the best skills. To secure future talent, we need to attract a broader target group and work actively to recruit and develop the best talent”, says Marie Reifeldt.

Allbright is a politically independent, non-profit foundation that continually identifies the gender balance of business management teams and boards of directors to highlight the issue of representation.

The full report (in Swedish) can be found here.