NCC projects selected as best practice of Sustainable Buildings

Three of NCC’s projects have been selected as Nordic best practice of Sustainable Buildings and Construction in a study published in January 2018. The purpose of the report, made by the Nordic Council of Ministers, was to encourage accelerated action by all key stakeholders in the Nordic countries, as well as sharing of lessons learned internationally, by displaying practical and innovative examples.

“These are perfect examples of projects that show high sustainability performance on the one hand and good customer value on the other. Here NCC show that we are a good partner for our customers who want to be in the forefront and see sustainability as a key factor for high quality performance and added value for their customers as well.” says Christina Lindbäck, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at NCC.

The first case is NCC’s E2ReBuild Demonstration in Oulu, Finland, which was a broad-scale refurbishment of a student apartment building. Focus was on energy efficiency, life cycle impacts, building physics monitoring, combination of old and new components, and cost-effectiveness assessment.

The second project is the Norwegian headquarters of NCC, a spearhead sustainability project and passive house that meets the requirements for the modern workplace of the future. Well-being, efficiency and flexibility are the key principles and by designing based on a holistic idea, it will be possible to turn the office building into apartments in the future.

The third of NCC’s projects is Greenhouse Augustenborg in Malmö, which is a very good example of both area and property development, as well as the value added of close cooperation between different stakeholders. A main principle was that the residents should not move away, i.e., that the area should not undergo a transformation on the expense of changing the resident mix.

The report is a confirmation that NCC is working in the right direction to reach our vision – to renew our industry and to provide superior sustainable solutions.

Illustration: Jaenecke Arkitekter