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NCC wins health and safety competition in Finland with top score

NCC has been awarded first prize in the Finnish health and safety competition "Turvallisuus alkaa minusta” (Safety starts with me) where the winning worksite scored a historical maximum 100 in the TR-index, an index that is used to measure health and safety standard.

This year’s national health and safety competition within the Finnish construction industry showed that the vision of zero accidents is indeed possible to achieve. The NCC Asunto oy Vantaan Asteria was awarded first prize with a TR-index score of 100, and no accidents.

“I’ve been doing health and safety inspections for 23 years and this is the first time a construction site scored 100 in the TR measurements”, says Peter Johansson responsible for occupational safety at the Regional Administration in Southern Finland, who conducted the inspections.

NCC also on third and fourth place

NCC also took third and fourth place in the competition with the Athenaeum refurbishment project in Jyväskylä and the Metsokankaan koulu school in Oulu, both with a TR-index score of 99.

”It’s amazing to see how our personal involvement in long-term health and safety work has produced these excellent results and we owe a big thank you to the staff at these successful worksites”, says Mika Soini, Head of NCC Building Finland.

The annual competition is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, The Regional State Administrative Agency, the Building Construction Industries Association, the Finnish Association of Housing, Business and Builders RAKLI, Infra ry, the Building Association, the Trade Union Pro and the Occupational Safety Center.

About TR-measurement

  • Companies in the construction industry in Finland generally use the TR indicator for the regulated maintenance inspections that are carried out weekly on building construction sites.
  • The inspector makes observations of the entire workplace and the TR indicators includes: stands, walkways and ladders, machinery and equipment, fall protection, electricity and lighting, orderliness, dustiness etc.