Running a Mega Project

What distinguishes a Mega project and what is required to successfully run and manage a Mega Project? The question is highly relevant for those who started NCC's training NCC Mega Project Management Program last week. The training is a part of a major investment NCC makes in project management.

"A Mega project is something completely different than just the sum of many “large” projects. Therefore we must make sure our Mega project managers – you – have enough and right competence," said Tomas Carlsson, CEO when he visited Mega1 and Mega2 joint training in Stockholm last week.

Last week Mega1 ended and at the same time Mega2 started. The one-year program is a Nordic initiative where senior project managers are prepared to take on NCC's increasing number of projects in the billion class.

Trine Tindborg is one of the participants in Mega2. Her Mega Project is the spectacular Kronløbsøen outside Copenhagen where NCC is constructing a whole new island with housing units, ways and parking spaces.
"I’m really looking forward to getting deeper insights in the complexity and differences between large and mega projects," says Trine Tindborg.

The Mega Project Management Program, which started the first program in November 2018, is the first in a major investment NCC makes in project management. The aim is to make sure NCC has the industry´s best competence development for project managers.

NCC Mega Project Management Program

For one year, senior project managers are trained and prepared to take on projects in the billion class. KTH Executive School and Copenhagen Business School help broaden the perspectives and showcase best practice. The 18 participants from all NCC countries meet regularly and the program also includes mentoring.

In the fall of 2019, NCC will also start a competency inventory of those who work with project management to identify areas of improvement. It will be the first step in an overall effort aimed at strengthening competence at both individual and organizational levels.