Staffing company Safida Montage to be phased out

Demand for staffing services in the projects has fallen in recent years. More and more the projects are using subcontractors. On the back of this development, NCC’s staffing company Safida Montage will be phased out. It has approximately 30 employees.

Safida Montage was established in 2015 to provide an alternative to external staffing companies. Over the years, Safida Montage has contributed with resources in the Nordic market, providing staff for hundreds of projects, but the market and purchasing behavior in the construction industry – including in NCC - has changed.

“The way we allocate resources to projects has changed. Today, staffing of projects beyond those who are locally employed is mainly done by using subcontractors. This is a trend that can be seen across the construction industry, and is not specific to NCC,” says Robert Norlin, Head of International Purchasing NCC.

In 2015, when the company started, there was a lack of expertise and personnel in the Nordic market in the areas of construction, civil engineering and paving. To ensure that projects were carried out and that temporary personnel were managed correctly, the wholly owned NCC company was founded.

“Another purpose with Safida Montage was to be a driving force for the entire industry in achieving transparency. We will continue our work to ensure that our subcontractors, suppliers and other business partners adhere to laws, regulations and our Code of Conduct, and treat personnel correctly. The knowledge base that we have built in Safida will also help us with this in the future.,” continues Robert Norlin.

The company will close operations at the end of February this year. This will affect about 30 individuals at two projects in the Stockholm area.

Robert Norlin, Head of International Purchasing/President NCC Purchasing Group.
Robert Norlin

Head of International Purchasing / President NCC Purchasing Group , NCC Group