Seven years with the Dome of Visions, 2013–2020 

For seven years, the NCC Dome of Visions has been a meeting place for dialogue and debate on innovation and sustainable development at various locations in the Nordic countries, most recently in Gothenburg. The project has been a platform for hundreds of seminars, exhibitions, meetings and talks. NCC recently sold the Dome of Visions in Gothenburg and an interesting and inspiring project has come to an end. The new owners, Nilsson Energy Group, will take over the building, which will continue to be a meeting place for sustainable development, with a particular focus on green hydrogen solutions. 

NCC’s first Dome of Visions was established in Copenhagen in 2013. Later, a Dome was also built in Stockholm, outside The Royal Institute of Technology, and a few years later this was moved to Gothenburg. The Dome was also a model for the mini-Dome that was used for a number of years as NCC’s platform during Almedalen Week on Gotland. 

The Dome of Visions was created as a platform for discussions and conversations around sustainable development and has been a visionary and inspiring meeting place. Over the years, hundreds of seminars, exhibitions, meetings and talks on sustainable societal development and innovation have been held in cooperation with various partners, politicians, businesses, researchers and visitors from around the world. 

For seven years, the Dome has been a meeting place and platform for NCC. Now it is time for new platforms. NCCs work to find feasible and sustainable solutions for building a sustainable society is continuing together with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  

NCC would like to thank all of our partners and others who have been a part of this journey.  

Maria Grimberg, Head of Communication.
Maria Grimberg

Head of Communications and Investor Relations, NCC Group

Stina Rosén

Project Manager, NCC Building Sweden

Dome of Visions