Sweden’s Stonehenge cast in concrete

In Helsingborg, work on building the city’s new landmark – a water tower – is in full swing. And we’re building it in concrete.

This is a truly impressive concreting project. The water tower is round and will rise nearly 40 meters into the air on pillars. The pillars are being cast using a climbing formwork and are completed in six stages, so an enormous amount of concreting will be needed to reach the finishing line. There is no shortage of cement trucks in this project. Production is in full swing and is going according to schedule.

Myself, I work as a supervisor with responsibility for ensuring that the progress of the low-level water reservoir, the foundation plates for the high-level water reservoir and the first six meters of pillaring are managed as smoothly as possible, As a supervisor, you have to enjoy working with people, and I do.

Soon time for the next milestone

It’s all about keeping your eye on the ball, knowing what has to be done, the sequence in which to do things and being able to communicate with your coworkers to make sure they’re doing the right things. I always ask control questions, to confirm that they have understood. By the way, all civil engineering works require that you like working with people – cooperation is the lynchpin for everything we do!.

The water tower is a partnering project with our customer NSVA (Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp AB), but it also involves employees from different NCC departments. Well over 50 NCC employees are working on the project. Working with colleagues from regions other than your own is valuable and educational because you always learn new things. Knowing that you are mobile within the company – both geographically and in your sphere of expertise – is also inspiring.

The next milestone is at the end of May, when we will lift the first parts of the water tank into position, and each module weighs about 340 tons, so both weather and wind will play a role, and everything must be spot on. This will be a major challenge, but we’re looking forward to it and will do this together.


  • Each pillar measures 1.1 x 5.5 meters and is 28 meters tall, and climbing formwork is used in their construction.
  • The water tank is split into modules, almost 11 meters high and just as long, which will be mounted on top of the pillars. Each module weighs around 340 tons. Once in place, the modules will be connected to form one integrated tank that can hold 2 x 3,500 cubic meters of water.
  • Along with the water tower, a low-level water reservoir is being constructed. This consists of two ground tanks that will hold 2 x 4,000 cubic meters of water.

/Jim Nilsson, Supervisor, water tower in Helsingborg.