Illustration: Voima Graphic

We Land Helsinki: One thing above all attracts property investors and tenants

”ESG is increasing in focus where property investments are concerned. Today, preference is given to property portfolios with a strong commitment to sustainability values. One could even say that a new building project without the environmental certificate hardly attracts investor interest which is why the investment is not realised,” Senior Property Developer Heikki Alén says.

Sustainability drives property development both in investor portfolios and tenant choices. NCC’s development project We Land in Ruoholahti, Helsinki makes history while still under construction: it is the first project in Finland to be certified to level Outstanding, the highest BREEAM environmental rating.

”We Land is the forefront of sustainable construction. Not often do you come across BREEAM environmental rating and its level Outstanding even on the international scale, but it’s becoming all more relevant when you come to think of the building’s attractive power and secondary market value,” Alén explains.

Heikki Alén, NCC
Heikki Alén.

We Land supports Deloitte’s strategy

One of We Land’s future tenants is the world-leading expert organisation Deloitte. The new building project offers everything that the company can hope for their new office spaces. We Land supports Deloitte’s sustainability strategy and achievement of zero-emission targets.
We Land interior.
The spaces and the atmosphere at We Land are built to meet the high expectations that companies have for their headquarters. Illustration: Walk the Room
We Land front doors.
We Land’s façade is made of recycled copper which still remains 100% recyclable. Illustration: Voima Graphic
We Land terrace
The green roof and the roof garden are great examples of actual green deeds enhancing tenant well-being at We Land. Illustration: Voima Graphic