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NCC to construct swim center in Vantaa

NCC and the City of Vantaa have signed an agreement for a new swim center in Vantaa, Finland. The swim center is part of a larger initiative involving a new sports facility in the city, called Elmo Sport Park. The order value for the swim center is approximately SEK 460 million.

NCC signs asphalt contracts for SEK 380 million in Norway

NCC has signed nine asphalt contracts with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and several regions in Norway. The term of the contracts is one year, and the total order value is approximately SEK 380 million.

NCC to refurbish 400 apartments in Ringsted, Denmark

NCC has been commissioned by Ringsted Almene Boligselskab and DAB to renovate eight residential blocks with a total of 400 apartments in the Sönderpark residential area in the Danish city of Ringsted. The project is a turnkey contract, and the order value is approximately SEK 500 million.

Andreas Koch new Head of Communications at NCC

NCC has appointed Andreas Koch as new Head of Communications and member of the Senior Management Team. He joins NCC from a similar position at the Nordic care services company Attendo and will take up his new duties not later than in November 2024.

Interim report for the first quarter 2024

Stable start to the year.

Conversion of shares in NCC AB, April 2024

According to NCC’s articles of association, owners of Series A shares are entitled to request that such shares be converted to Series B shares. Conversion reduces the total number of voting rights in the company.

NCC to expand Hagalund Depå in Solna

NCC has been contracted by Jernhusen to construct a new train maintenance depot at Hagalund Depå in Solna, outside Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract in partnering form with an order value of approximately SEK 920 million.

NCC to build 219 rental apartments in Skellefteå, Sweden

NCC has signed an agreement with Skebo to construct 219 rental apartments at Anderstorpsgården in Skellefteå. The project is a turnkey contract with an order value of approximately SEK 320 million.

Invitation to presentation of NCC’s interim report for the first quarter 2024

NCC’s interim report for the first quarter 2024 will be published on Friday May 3[rd] 2024. The report will be distributed and published on NCC’s website at, or around, 7:10 a.m. CEST.

NCC wins asphalt order for freeway expansion around Aarhus

The freeway around Aarhus in Denmark is going to be expanded from four to six lanes, and NCC has been commissioned to produce and lay the asphalt for the project. The contract covers around 180,000 tons of asphalt.