NCC to extend senior high school in Västerås

Together with the City of Västerås, NCC will extend Carlforsska senior high school in Västerås. The extension will meet the growing school’s needs and challenges. The contract is a turnkey project in partnering form, and is valued at approximately SEK 150 million.

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“Carlforsska grows and will become one of the largest schools in Västerås as we extend the school. We have good experience of partnering with NCC from previous projects,” says Magnus Dureman, Property Director, City of Västerås.

The project comprises an extension to Carlforsska senior high school, which is located centrally in Västerås. A large part of the extension will be used by Lidmanska senior high school, which is the only special-needs senior high school in the city. Other parts will be a mainstream senior high school.

The new two-story building (F-huset) will comprise about 4,300 square meters. A connecting corridor will be built on the second story to link the new structure with the existing school building. The contract also includes a school yard and an upgrade of all the school’s outdoor environments.

The school building will be Miljöbyggnad Silver certified. The project is also one of two pilot projects that NCC is carrying out together with Chalmers Industriteknik and Cramo. The projects are measuring energy use with the aim of gaining insight into the effects on various cost items at construction sites and during phases of the construction process, and to establish key performance indicators (KPIs).

In an initial phase, NCC and the City of Västerås have worked on planning in a close and open dialog. The parties have completed several partnering projects over the years, while planning is also under way for the Persboskolan school in Skultuna.

“By working closely from an early stage, we can draw on our experience and collective knowledge, which will shorten the planning process and create synergies for the projects. That will also build a strong team spirit and we are looking forward to creating more smart learning environments together,” says Anders Lindkvist, Business Manager, NCC Building Sweden.

Earthworks have commenced and the school building is scheduled for completion by summer 2024.

The contract is a turnkey project in partnering form and valued at approximately SEK 150 million and the order will be registered in the NCC Building Sweden business area in the third quarter of 2022.

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