Tenth consecutive year for NCC’s Awareness Day – fewer serious accidents at NCC during the decade but the work must continue

When NCC concludes what has happened since Awareness Day was introduced in 2011, there is a visible trend of fewer serious accidents occurring at NCC when employees are given more responsibility for the work environment at their own work sites. Clear procedures, reporting and monitoring, as well as tools such as Time Out and daily safety briefings have yielded results, but the safety work must continue.

Photo: NCC

“We have systematically built a strong safety culture, in which each day starts with a safety briefing, we have clear rules for safety equipment, and—not least—we have given our employees their own responsibility to say ‘stop’ and suspend work if they are experiencing an unsafe situation,” says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Head of Health and Safety at NCC.

For ten years, NCC has arranged Awareness Day on the first Wednesday in September. At 9:00 a.m., work will be suspended at all NCC’s work sites across the Nordic region for dialogue on how to create a better, safer work environment together. The theme this year is “Safe behavior”, with a focus on procedures and tools that support a healthy, positive work environment.

“In our industry, too many accidents and fatalities are still occurring. We cannot accept this; our goal is zero accidents. We also know that work sites that talk about and discuss the work environment have far fewer accidents and incidents. That is why it is so important for us to hold Awareness Day year after year, that the discussions lead to continued dialogue, and that employees’ daily work at their work sites becomes safer,” says Lars-Gunnar Larsson.

Over the last three years, the number of serious accidents at NCC has declined with more than 30% and NCC is now conducting a thorough review of all accidents in order to further increase knowledge.

Awareness Day was first introduced in 2011, and the Time Out tool, with which employees are encouraged to stop work when they experience unsafe situations, was introduced in 2014. Since 2017, daily safety briefings have been conducted before the day’s operations at all NCC construction sites.

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