NCC builds safety culture for fewer worksite accidents

An increased focus on safety at NCC has helped to reduce the number of worksite accidents. The overall trend for the last ten years shows a decline in the number of accidents. Today, the importance of safety will be discussed during Awareness Day at all NCC worksites.

“The number of worksite accidents has fallen by nearly 40 percent in the past six years. Last autumn, we unfortunately noted an increase in fall accidents in particular. However, looking back we can see that our efforts have generated results and we can see a trend of fewer worksite accidents. Measures including compulsory daily safety briefings, new, safer, hi-vis helmets with chin straps, time out and a new model for managers’ health and safety follow-up have yielded results,” says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Group Work Environment Manager at NCC.

This is the eighth consecutive year that NCC is arranging Awareness Day and the theme for this year is reflecting on our behavior and making health and safety a natural part of our culture. Tools will be downed at 9:00 a.m. at all NCC worksites in all markets. A Group-wide discussion will be held at the worksite, with everyone given the opportunity to put forward thoughts and ideas on how the worksite can be made even safer and what each individual can do to help foster a safety culture.

“There is so much that we do right at NCC and the vast majority of our projects are carried out with no serious accidents. We will now make sure that we create a culture that naturally incorporates all of the tools and aids available. I believe that this will bring us closer to our vision of zero accidents every day,” says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Group Work Environment Manager at NCC.

One example of leadership that sets clear expectations for safe behavior, thus creating a good safety culture, is NCC Stone Industry in Denmark that has had zero accidents since June 2017. For instance, a pilot project was implemented on one of the company’s vessels whereby each crew was to report a number of observations on the work environment. This resulted in greater commitment and awareness about safety measures onboard the vessel. The pilot project led to similar initiatives on other vessels.

“A safe work environment is not just a product of rules and activities. It must come from the heart and be a living, natural part of our work. This will only happen if managers can motivate their employees by involving them in this work,” says Helle Rømer, Group Work Environment Manager at NCC Industry in Denmark.

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