NCC to continue construction of Inre hamnen in Norrköping

NCC has been commissioned by Norrköping Municipality to build a 700-meter-long quay as part of the “Inre hamnen” (Inner Harbor) project. The order value is approximately SEK 260 million.

Illustration: Norrköpings kommun

“A new quay is entirely necessary for moving the Inre hamnen project forward and making it a reality. Starting this work is thus an important milestone in the project. No other construction is possible without the quay in place, since there is a risk of collapse,” says Ola Brånäs, Norrköping Municipality’s Project Manager for Inre hamnen.

Since port operations in Norrköping have moved farther out into the Bråviken bay, the city is investing in transforming the old port district into an attractive residential area. All in all, for NCC this is a major assignment divided into some 20 sub-projects that began in 2019 and will extend over several years. The work is being carried out in the form of a strategic partnering arrangement with Norrköping Municipality.

“We have a tremendously productive partnership in which we work closely with each other. It is a complex job that sets strict requirements,” says Peter Larsson, NCC’s Project Manager in charge.

The sub-project in question that is now being started concerns the 700-meter-long quay to be constructed on the north side of the canal.

“Since this is an old port area, the work is challenging. In part, because old industries require exhaustive remediation work, and because the quality of the land being built on can vary drastically. So the geotechnical conditions are undoubtedly a bit special, but for that we have NCC’s years of expertise to rely on,” Peter Larsson says. Construction of the quay will commence today (Monday) and completion is planned for October 2022. The transaction amount is SEK 260 million and will be registered in the third quarter of 2020 in the NCC Infrastructure business area.

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