NCC to rebuild city block in Gothenburg for Hufvudstaden

NCC, in a partnering arrangement with Hufvudstaden, is to rebuild and expand the Johanna city block in central Gothenburg, adding many new workplaces in retail, restaurants and offices. The partnering project is a turnkey contract with an order value of approximately SEK 1.2 billion.

Illustration: General Architecture 

“The Johanna city block development is one of Hufvudstaden’s largest projects in the 21st century. We have very high ambitions and will create something truly unique in this city block. To succeed, we need professional partners and we are happy to have signed this contract with NCC,” says Fredrik Ottosson, head of business area Gothenburg at Hufvudstaden.

NCC’s assignment involves rebuilding and expansion of the Johanna city block, in central Gothenburg. Existing buildings will be remodeled and refurbished, a new building will be constructed on the site that has remained undeveloped since a fire, and the entire block will be joined together by a three-story extension. When ready, the city block will encompass approximately 44,000 square meters, of which 22,000 square meters are completely new.

“This project is comprehensive, contains many complex aspects and must also be conducted in a small area in central Gothenburg. It places high demands on us as contractors and on effective planning. For a year, Hufvudstaden and NCC together with the city of Gothenburg have proactively developed the best solutions for this project, and we look forward to now realizing it,” says Henrik Landelius, Business Area Manager of NCC Building Sweden.

The cooperation was launched back in 2020 when NCC and Hufvudstaden signed a partnering agreement for the project. Since then, the parties have worked together on the planning, budgeting and the project design of the rebuilding assignment.

The project will now start with some preparatory work and the construction will commence early 2022. The entire project is expected to be completed towards the end of 2025. The assignment is a turnkey contract in partnering form and the contract, which is valued at an estimated approximately SEK 1.2 billion, will be registered among orders in the second quarter of 2021 in the Building Sweden business area.

For more information, please contact:
Magnus Simonsson, Business Manager, NCC Building Sweden, +46 70 658 86 78
Amelie Winberg, Head of Media Relations NCC Sverige, +46 70 2211 372
NCC’s media service: +46 8 585 519 00,, NCC’s Mediabank

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