NCC to construct the new Hagastaden subway station

NCC has been commissioned by Region Stockholm’s Administration for Extended Metro to construct the Hagastaden station on the new subway line to Arenastaden. The estimated order value is approximately SEK 1.2 billion.

Illustration: Platform Hagastaden, image: Region Stockholm/&Rundquist/3D HOUSE

The assignment to construct the new Hagastaden subway station is comprehensive and technologically complex. It will be implemented in central Stockholm, surrounding by apartment blocks, Karolinska University Hospital, the Gustaf Vasa church, offices and other urban developments, as well as ongoing underground and overground traffic.

NCC has carried out a number of similar projects in the past. Examples from Stockholm in the recent past are the new Stockholm City commuter train station and the Norsborg Depot. To ensure the project is staffed with the right expertise, the project organization will consist of employees from different parts of NCC, including from Norway, where NCC has many employees with expertise in the field of rock engineering.

“The project suits NCC. We have the capacity to construct complex infrastructure in inner city environments that are logistically challenging and where considerable attention has to be paid to the public, ongoing operations and traffic. We look forward, in cooperation with Region Stockholm’s Administration for Extended Metro, to expanding the subway system to make it easier and quicker to travel between different city districts in an evolving Stockholm,” says Kenneth Nilsson, Business Area Manager NCC Infrastructure.

NCC’s assignment includes building four entrances: one in Karolinska University Hospital, one in the new square outside the hospital, one facing the Karolinska Institute and one by Torsplan. In addition, two ticket halls are to be constructed, one by Torsplan and one by Karolinska University Hospital. NCC will also construct an escalator shaft, an adjacent service tunnel and track tunnels that will connect with the Green Line at Odenplan.

The project places meticulous requirements on the work environment and sustainability, and the work will be conducted within the framework of the CEEQUAL sustainability system.

Construction will start by the autumn and the new line is scheduled to open for service in 2028.

The assignment is a design and build contract in partnering form that is valued at an estimated approximately SEK 1.2 billion and will be registered among orders in the first quarter of 2021 in the Infrastructure business area. The construction contract will be carried out in collaboration with NCC Building Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
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