NCC to refurbish Käppalaverket

NCC is refurbishing the Käppalaverket wastewater treatment plant on Lidingö, outside of Stockholm, in partnership with the Käppala Association, to upgrade the plant’s capacity and performance. The project is a design-build contract in partnering form and the order value for the first main phase is approximately SEK 1,000 million.

Image of Käppala wastewater treamtment plant. Photo: Rikkard Häggbom

NCC will refurbish Käppalaverket, the Käppala Association’s wastewater treatment plant and build new biological treatment lines in order to meet tightened treatment requirements and increase capacity by about 30 percent. The project comprises three main phases, and work has now commenced on the first main phase where two treatment lines will be refurbished. The refurbished treatment process will significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter and contribute to a cleaner Baltic Sea.

“Käppalaverket treats the wastewater from more than half a million people, and businesses in 11 municipalities, both north and east of Stockholm. Together with NCC as a reliable partner, we are looking forward to upgrading the capacity and performance of the plant in order to meet the County Administrative Board’s tightened treatment requirements,” says Andreas Thunberg, CEO of the Käppala Association.

Käppalaverket will continue to operate throughout the entire refurbishment process. Confined underground chambers place high demands on logistics and working methods. The refurbishment of Käppalaverket is scheduled for completion in 2027 when the tightened treatment requirements come into effect.

“NCC is well-accustomed to building during ongoing operations and under challenging conditions. Together with the Käppala Association, we have prepared a technical, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable construction plan and are now looking forward to starting the refurbishment,” says Kenneth Nilsson, Head of NCC Infrastructure.

Water and wastewater treatment is an advanced industrial process that has to function around the clock, all year round. NCC is the only construction company with its own specialized water treatment expertise and thus has all of the expertise required to deliver operational facilities. NCC builds and refurbishes water infrastructure on a daily basis, and constructs 10 to 15 waterworks, water towers and wastewater treatment plants every year across Sweden.

The contract amount for the first main phase is approximately SEK 1,000 million and the order will be registered in the NCC Infrastructure business area in the third quarter.

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