NCC wins asphalt order for freeway expansion around Aarhus

The freeway around Aarhus in Denmark is going to be expanded from four to six lanes, and NCC has been commissioned to produce and lay the asphalt for the project. The contract covers around 180,000 tons of asphalt.

Photo: Jonathan Grevsen

The Danish Road Directorate has decided to expand the E45 from four to six lanes on the section between Aarhus S and Aarhus N. NCC has been chosen as the asphalt contractor by the main contractor M.J. Eriksson A/S. NCC will lay a total of around 180,000 tons of asphalt for a stretch of approx. 12 km. The asphalt will be produced at the factory in Trige near the expanding freeway.

"We are very pleased to have received with this extensive asphalt contract. It allows us to continue our already good cooperation with M.J. Eriksson, who we have previously worked with on the Fynske freeway, among other projects”, says Lars Vester, Head of Department at NCC Industry.

NCC will be responsible for the paving between Åbo and Lyngby and Lyngby and Geding. The work also includes asphalting the on- and off-ramps and expansion of the Pedersminde and Blankhøj rest areas.

Work will begin in summer 2024, but much of the asphalt will be laid between the fall of 2024 and mid-2026.

For further information, please contact:
Tove Stål, Head of Group External Relations at NCC, +46 76 521 61 02

NCC’s press office +46 8 585 519 00 and NCC’s Media database

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