NCC’s Loop Rocks start-up entering Finland

Loop Rocks, NCC’s online marketplace where users can match supply and demand for soil and rock between construction sites, is now entering Finland. Loop Rocks open platform and app already have more than 7.000 users in Sweden and Denmark.

In Finland, the market for handling soil and rock is currently valued at approximately SEK 25 billion.

“We see major potential for more sustainable and cheaper management of fill materials between construction sites in Finland. Loop Rocks are helping to cut costs for the entire industry, while reducing environmental impacts due to lower CO2 emissions, and reducing the proportion of recovery of new materials”, says Jukka Viitanen, Sustainable Development Manager, at NCC in Finland.

Loop Rocks is launched in connection to one of the largest construction events in Finland, Smart City 2017 which starts the 31st of October. The event gathers a large share of the Finnish construction industry to discuss sustainable and smart construction.

“Smart City 2017 is a unique opportunity for us to meet the Finnish industry and launch Loop Rocks in a fitting context. The sustainability agenda is right on target for Loop Rocks business and we look forward to initiate new partnerships with the Finnish industry”, says Anders Torell, Head of Digital and Loop Rocks, NCC.

The continued Nordic expansion comes after a successful time for Loop Rocks, who recently won price for best initiative within sustainable transportation from E-Prize as well as an honorable mention from InUse Awards.

“Loop Rocks is currently in an extreme growth phase where we receive up to 100 new users per day. The clear interest shows us that there really is a vivid market for our business. Our transparent marketplace becomes more liquid every day which benefits our users who can enjoy an increased supply of construction materials as well as an increased matching quality”, says Anders Torell.

Launched in Sweden last year and Denmark earlier this year, Loop Rocks is an open platform and app that enables more efficient handling of rock, soil and other secondary materials at construction sites between businesses and individuals. By looping the materials directly between sites Loop Rocks prevent most of the building materials from being sent to landfill, which is what happens today.

The World Economic Forum nominated Loop Rocks, NCC’s platform for the smarter management of construction waste, as a finalist for the 2017 Circular Economy Digital Disruptor award. 

For further information, please contact:

Jukka Viitanen, Head of Sustainability Business Development, NCC, +358 (0)40 722 4896

Anders Torell, Head of Digital and Loop Rocks, NCC +46 (0)70 605 85 14

Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Media Relations, NCC, +46 708 84 74 69

NCC’s media line +46 (0)8 585 519 00, e-mail:, NCC’s image bank

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