NCC to construct waterfront promenade in Lidköping

A waterfront promenade with a water park, squares and a pier with a bathing jetty are features of NCC’s new project in Lidköping. The project is one of several major urban development projects that are planned in Lidköping. The assignment has an order value of approximately SEK 200 million.

Image: Liljewall Arkitekter

Hamnstaden is a major urban development project in central Lidköping, which the municipality has been working on for many years. NCC is to now construct a waterfront promenade with accompanying beach, a water park and a new pier with a bathing jetty that will create another inlet into the harbor. The project is being carried out in partnering form with Lidköping municipality.

“It is a complex project involving work in and adjacent to the water, which is challenging. For this, we find that the partnering format is important for ensuring that work progresses effectively and smoothly. It means that we will work with a contractor who has been involved from the beginning and understands what it is we want to do,” says Ronnie Hollsten, who is the municipality’s project manager. He continues:

“Against intense competition, NCC presented the tender that was best for the project. A decisive factor was the team that NCC has mobilized, in which all members maintain a very high class.

NCC and Lidköping Municipality worked closely together with project planning and budgeting in the initial phase 1. The project is now moving on to phase 2, which comprises the production phase.

“Working close to water is always a challenge, but at the same time, it is an area that NCC has gained extensive experience of. We are proud to have won this project and, together with Lidköping Municipality, we intend to implement it in the best possible way,” says NCC’s Project Manager Robert Svensson, and continues:

“Lidköping will have a wonderful waterfront promenade, with an inviting park and play area, as well as a spectacular pier that will encircle the marina. I think that Lidköping is really making use of its location on Lake Vänern through this initiative.”

The project will commence in March 2022 and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2025. The transaction amount is approximately SEK 200 million and the project will be registered in the NCC Infrastructure business area in the first quarter of 2022.

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