NCC’s Loop Rocks challenges the haulage industry

NCC is now taking the next step toward renewing the industry for building materials by bringing together haulage firms, machinery rental companies and environmental consultants using Loop Rocks, an open platform developed by NCC to match supply and demand for secondary masses at construction sites. The first Loop Rocks truck will be deployed in Sweden’s Mälardalen region in April.

Starting next week, the 2,500 registered users across Sweden who are already using Loop Rocks to buy and sell construction masses will also be able to find the best possible solution for transporting their building materials directly between construction sites.

“We see this as a natural step for Loop Rocks, one that will allow us to challenge the players who are earning money on the back of today’s inefficient handling systems. By bringing together haulage firms, machinery rental companies and environmental consultants, we are providing a smarter way of transporting materials directly between construction sites – a way that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly,” says Anders Torell, Head of Business Transformation and Digitalization at NCC Industry. 

The haulage firms own their own vehicles, but accept assignments directly from Loop Rocks rather than through larger haulage companies. 

“The handling of secondary masses is a multibillion-krona industry which, until today, has involved unnecessary transport and emissions. Through Loop Rocks, we are contributing to a circular economy where secondary masses are transported and recycled directly in a more efficient manner,” says Anders Torell. 

The concept of allowing haulage firms to connect to Loop Rocks digitally will be launched at the Åre Business Forum on March 29-31. NCC started Loop Rocks in summer 2016. Loop Rocks has already handled nearly a million tons of secondary masses and added more than 600 construction projects and some 2,500 users. 

The World Economic Forum nominated Loop Rocks, NCC’s platform for the smarter management of secondary masses, as a finalist for the 2017 Circular Economy Digital Disruptor award. 

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