Alf Göransson proposed as member of NCC’s Board of Directors

The Nomination Committee has proposed that Alf Göransson be elected to NCC’s Board of Directors. Alf Göransson was formerly CEO of Securitas and, prior to that, was CEO of NCC for a period of six years. The Nomination Committee has also proposed the re-election of Tomas Billing (Chairman), Geir Magne Aarstad, Viveca Ax:son Johnson, Mats Jönsson, Angela Langemar Olsson, Ulla Litzén and Birgit Nørgaard. Carina Edblad has declined re-election.

NCC’s Nomination Committee proposes that the Board of Directors, insofar as it is elected by the Annual General Meeting, comprise eight members with no deputies. The Nomination Committee proposes the election of new Board member Alf Göransson.

Alf Göransson served as CEO of Securitas between 2007 and 2018. Prior to that, he held the position of CEO of NCC between 2001 and 2007. From 2000 to 2001, Alf Göransson was CEO of Svedala Industri. Alf Göransson is Chairman of the Board of Loomis and a

Board member of Sweco, Attendo, Hexpol, Melker Schörling AB, Axfast, Axel Johnson inc. and Sandberg Development Group. He was born in 1957.

The Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of the following Board members: Chairman Tomas Billing (member since 1999, Chairman since 2001), Geir Aarstad (member since 2017), Viveca Ax:son Johnson (member since 2014), Mats Jönsson (member since 2017), Angela Langemar Olsson (member since 2018), Ulla Litzén (member since 2008) and Birgit Nørgaard (member since 2017).

“It fills me with great joy and pride that I will once again have the opportunity to work for NCC if I am elected at the Annual General Meeting in April. I look forward to reacquainting myself with this fantastic construction and property development company that I left 12 years ago,” says Alf Göransson. 

The Nomination Committee’s other proposals will be presented in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting in March 2019. The Annual General Meeting will be held on April 9, 2019 in Stockholm.

For further information, please contact:

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