NCC and Energinet secure energy supply in Copenhagen

On behalf of Energinet, NCC is to expand the electricity supply in Copenhagen, Denmark. The work relates to lay five new kilometer-long stretches of pipes and high-voltage cables in the areas of Nörrebro, Österbro, Amager and Gentofte. The order value amounts to approximately SEK 270 million.

“As a piece of infrastructure, the electricity grid is just as important as the road network. Society cannot advance without a steady and predictable supply of energy. In this field, NCC is taking the lead when it comes to promoting knowledge of what we do best, namely planning, building and heading up construction projects that can solve some of our most complex societal challenges,” says Kenneth Nilsson, Head of NCC Infrastructure.

NCC and Energinet have worked together in recent years to replace the old, worn-out cables in order to future-proof its electricity supply in the Copenhagen area. The infrastructure work is now set to continue, with NCC installing another five new lengths of 132 kV cable.

The assignment includes the laying of 8 kilometers of pipes underground, with guided horizontal drilling and 82 kilometers of high-voltage cables will be installed. The cables will be flushed through the pipes. In combination with guided drilling, the method is an effective procedure that both minimizes construction period and ensures significantly less inconvenience for road users and residents in the area.

Planning of the work will begin in autumn 2023 and all five stretches are expected to be completed by 2028.

The order value of the transaction is approximately SEK 270 million and will be registered among orders in the NCC Infrastructure business area in the second quarter of 2023.

For further information, please contact:
Tove Stål, Head of External Relations at NCC, +46 76 521 61 02,

NCC’s media line: +46 8 585 519 00 and NCC’s Media database

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