The transition to renewable fuel helped lower NCC’s carbon emissions 35 percent

NCC has reduced its carbon emissions by 35 percent in two and a half years. This is largely due to switching the majority of its Swedish asphalt plants to renewable fuels.

“We are the first to systematically adapt our asphalt plants to climate-smart fuels, and moreover are industry leaders. We’re reducing our carbon emissions significantly by converting 50 percent of NCC’s asphalt production in Sweden to renewable fuels. That’s just the beginning. We expect to reach 80 percent before long. We can help the entire NCC group reach our carbon dioxide goal at the same time as we help our customers reach their goals when they buy our products,” says Jyri Salonen, Business Area Manager for NCC Industry.

NCC has converted two-thirds of its asphalt plants in Sweden from mainly using oil to using wood pellets for fuel instead. Because NCC’s carbon footprint is primarily affected by fuel type, this has a critical effect on carbon-dioxide emissions from the company’s own activities.

By year-end 2015, NCC’s carbon emissions amounted to 5.9 tons per million krona in sales. At mid-year 2018, emissions had been reduced by 35 percent to 3.8 tons per million krona in sales.

“In Sweden, energy and carbon dioxide taxes on fossil fuels have made it economically possible to invest in adapting to renewable fuels. There are some signs that similar conditions will apply in Norway. For Denmark and Finland, there are currently few such signs. This can change quickly, however,” says Kent Andersson, Fuel Manager at NCC.

The goal for the NCC group is to halve its carbon emissions from 2016 to 2020, to 2.9 tons per million krona in sales.

“Thanks to clear, measurable climate goals and a close eye on events in the fuel market, we’ve raised the ceiling for our work toward reduced fossil dependence. With similar favorable conditions in our neighboring countries, I’m convinced that we can also speed up the conversion process there,” says Christina Lindbäck, NCC’s SVP Corporate Sustainability.

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