Paving for commercial properties

Where safety and creativity go hand in hand.

In our global, digitalized world, everyone has greater freedom to choose what to consume and where to work. This has brought with it a new set of challenges for those involved in developing commercial properties and the areas surrounding them. Guided by your specific requirements, we’ll turn potential challenges into exciting opportunities, helping you to meet the demands of today’s increasingly fickle consumer, office worker or anyone else spending time at spots such as shopping malls, stores, offices, restaurants and hotels. Today, and in the future.

Parking garages

Parking solutions that deliver – whatever the weather

Developing parking garages is one of our fortes, and we’re acutely aware of how wheels can affect different surfaces. The type of wear and tear that occurs tends to change from season to season, but it’s usually at its heaviest during wintertime when anti-slip tire studs are at work. By choosing one of our tried and tested seal-coated surfaces, you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance of avoiding tarmac damage, which otherwise might lead to water and chemical ingress.

Aside from performance and the all-important durability, comfort and safety should be high on the agenda in any parking garage. We’ll help you develop a carefully considered lighting system while also ensuring that signage and markings are put in place, creating an easily maneuverable space, in which visitors will feel safe and secure. Many of our clients opt for speed bumps and surfaces in lighter shades, as this tends to aid comfort and safety for customers and employees alike.

Picture of a garage

Outdoor parking

Attractive outdoor parking for any type of weather

Your outdoor parking space has to endure much more than a steady steam of customers and their vehicles. Surfaces have to withstand dramatic weather changes and temperature fluctuations. We’re in tune with the extremes of our four-season climate, and know exactly what’s needed to allow your parking space to breeze through anything, come rain or shine. Our solutions are based on high-quality surfaces and durable seal-coatings – always adhering to your specific needs and requirements.

We take safety as seriously as the weather. Carefully considered signage, line marking, speed bumps and custom solutions such as colored surfaces are our contribution to the safety and comfort of pedestrians and drivers alike. Since parking is often a visitor’s first point of call, it should be created to appear as attractive as possible – because first impressions count.

Picture of an outdoor parking lot.

Walking and cycling paths

Make your paths a pedestrian’s best friend

Are you keen to make a good impression, warmly welcoming customers and colleagues even before they’ve entered your property? Then it’s a good idea to devote time and thought to how people approach their destination. We’ll help you devise surface solutions that will convey all the right things about your business before anyone’s even arrived.

As for the aesthetics, nothing is left to chance. Choose between different stone material and pigmentation to enhance the visual impact, creating a pleasant environment in which people are more than happy to spend time. Get in touch to discuss which solutions will work best for your business – we’d love to hear from you.

A man and a woman walks along a paved path.

Green spaces

Time to add a green oasis to your property?

Green spaces have the ability to instantly revitalize urban environments, but there’s a lot more to them than sheer beauty – they’re the lungs of the city, and provide habitats to improve biodiversity. Did you know they also help combat pollution by naturally cleansing air and water, even keeping cities cooler? Green spaces also provide a more effective and inexpensive way to manage floods than a network of sewers and drainage ditches.

We’d love to discuss the different ways in which we can help you develop functional and attractive greens spaces within the grounds of your property, and establish how best to care for them. Practical drainage surfaces, a good lighting system and curbstones are excellent green space bedfellows, so these are likely to feature as part of your final design.

Picture of a green patch among paving.

Indoor flooring / foyers

Durable floors that’ll stay fresh

Some floors have to possess super-powers. Hotel and shopping center entrances experience a high level of activity, and they need flooring that can take a bit of a beating. And so do processing facilities, involving food or other types of production. These types of businesses demand durable, solid flooring that can withstand heavy traffic, yet remaining fresh for years to come. Hygiene and easy cleaning are other important factors.

We’ll help you develop the perfect floor for tough environments. Our surface solutions are fire resistant and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. Do you need a non-slip surface, a particular shade or type of coating? No problem, we can deliver custom solutions of almost any kind.

The entrance of a store.

Loading docks

Loading docks tough enough for any eventuality

Heavy trucks and their warm, heavy-duty wheels wear surfaces down more than you might think. If a sturdy load is accidentally dropped, the surface has to be tough enough not to crack. This is why extra care has to be taken when developing loading dock areas. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you opt for a tougher, more durable construction than surfaces elsewhere in your business. Since loading surfaces have to endure such heavy static loads and mechanical stress, it’s always wise to mark them out in a differing color shade, in order to avoid confusion as to where unloading is to take place.

We have everything in place to help you construct the heavy-duty and durable surface that you’ll need. To make the processes of loading and unloading smoother, we recommend that you take a look at some of our color products. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the best option for you – we’d love to assist.

Picture of several loading docks