Paving for logistics and warehouses

Lay the foundation for smoother logistics and warehouses.

Efficient logistics processes are intricate affairs, based on a number of aspects, each with its own crucial function. Before considering anything else, it’s advisable to first set the perfect foundation. By carefully choosing durable and high-performing surfaces and coatings, operations will run smoother and more efficiently. Here, we’ll introduce different solutions and points to consider when developing surfaces within and around your logistics center. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your individual needs – we take pride in using our expertise to conceive tailor-made solutions for each client.


Dream driveways for efficient logistics.

A well-constructed driveway aids distribution to and from your logistics center.   Driveways under heavy use by lorries and other weighty vehicles can become vulnerable to surface deterioration and potholes – particularly during times of high temperature variation. Safety is a top priority for us at NCC. We’ll make sure to construct durable, slip resistant paving solutions to enhance safety around your site, thus avoiding unnecessary interruptions to your transportation flow.

Picture of a driveway to a logistics locale.


Create the gateway your business deserves.

You’ll only get one chance to make a first impression. We’ll help you make the most of the gateway to your logistics center, taking both aesthetics and function into consideration. The surface around the entrance is often subject to the heaviest use, calling for tough solutions. With a careful layering of materials – including slip prevention – and practical features such as colored asphalt and curb stones, we can ensure that traffic runs smoothly in and smoothly out.

Entrance to a logistics facility

Storage facilities

Storage facilities are at the heart of every logistics center.

Do you store heavy containers? Then you’ll know that storage is an art form. The surface must be constructed to endure very heavy static loads, while withstanding a high level of mechanical stress. In specific cases, heat caused by microbiological processes can also cause damage. If you’re not entirely confident about tackling these challenges then don’t worry – we are, thanks to our extensive experience in developing highly durable storage solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A worker and a truck among green barrels

Loading docks

The loading dock – a logistics center key player.

Loading docks play a major part in any logistics center, and if executed well, they’ll greatly improve efficiency. We’ll ensure that surfaces are durable enough to tackle accidentally dropped loads. By clearly marking out areas with a contrasting color system, drivers are guided to the specific sections that are strong enough to cope with heavy static loads and mechanical stress – thereby increasing driver confidence as they approach the loading dock.

Picture of loading docks

Machine depot / machine storage

Give your hardworking machines a solid foundation.

Machinery depot floors deserve a little extra attention. We’ll help you construct a surface that’ll withstand heavy static wheel loads, oil spills and chemical erosion. With our help, you can look forward to a suitably heavy-duty surface that is easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance – put simply, a dream home for your machinery!

A picture inside the rebuilt Hammarby metro depot in Stockholm

Employee parking

Show employees that you care right from the moment they park up.

Happy employees are a prerequisite for any well-functioning logistics business. Bear in mind that their day often starts in the staff parking area. We’ll ensure that the surface copes well with heavy precipitation, and be reassured that we always have safety in mind, constructing surfaces that are slip resistant in the wintertime, and with clearly laid out areas to maximizes safety. Employee parking areas are often used by guests, too, and it might be the first side of your business that people come into contact with.

Close up of cars on a parking lot

Ports and harbours

Logistics efficiency starts at floor-level.

With their ever-present stream of heavy trucks lifting and shifting cumbersome containers, ports and harbors are challenging working environments. Smoothly flowing logistics go hand in hand with safety, meaning that the choice of surface is crucial. It has to be durable enough to withstand static heavy wheel-loads as well as mechanical stress. To prevent accidents, we recommend a smooth surface with added slip resistance.

Activity going on at the Gothenburg harbor

Industrial floors / stock floors

Stock floors to rely on.

Many different factors contribute to the smooth running of warehouses. Robust and even surfaces are key to this complex puzzle. Working closely with you, we’ll find the ultimate solution. It might be a matter of getting the floor level so that your storage goods and products can be safely stored. A lighter floor-shade will help staff get a better overview. We’ll make sure to construct a slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean while durable enough to withstand deterioration caused by mechanical stress, chemical erosion and point loads.

Work going on at a logistics facility