NCC Building primarily constructs housing and offices, but also public premises, such as schools, hospitals and sports halls, and commercial premises, such as retail stores and storage facilities. Refurbishment of residential properties and offices is also becoming an increasingly important part of the business.

We have concepts within sustainable residential buildings, sustainable office buildings, concepts within school buildings and sport facilities. Overall, NCC Building has strong offerings in a wide range of the market. Some important areas are listed below.


NCC is a leading provider of schools and our collaborative competence and long term agreements, for example Strategic Partnering, suits very well when building schools. We start the dialogue with architects, educators and customers in a very early stage to grasp wants and needs and to secure a more efficient production based on learning and experience.

Hospitals and healthcare buildings 

NCC has solid experience in both new construction and renovation and construction of existing health care buildings. Together with the customer, we are looking for the most modern, efficient and sustainable solutions within the project budget. 

Sport facilities

NCC's concept for indoor sporting facilities is based on a flexible basic design that can easily be adapted to meet the requirements of the particular sport and size. Functions, technical solutions and materials offer consistently high quality and performance, thus also facilitating maintenance of the facilities. It also facilitates environmental certification, indoor climate declarations and climate offsetting in the sporting facilities.

Sustainable offices and retail

NCC is a forerunner in terms of offering sustainable office solutions. We have an extensive knowledge in energy efficiency and can offer offices and retail facilities that meets all certifications on the market, for example Breeam Outstanding and Leed Platinum.

Sustainable residential

We have a wide range of residential products, platforms and concepts with low energy consumption, sustainable material choices and efficient production processes. The broad range of offerings makes it possible to meet various customer demands.


ESCO is a good example from Denmark on how NCC works with energy efficiency when refurbishing buildings. In an ESCO ( "Energy Service Company") project energy efficient refurbishment of buildings is financed through the savings on energy consumption. The contractor guarantees the achieved minimum savings in building energy consumption in the years ahead. The guaranteed savings are used to finance the energy efficient refurbishment of the building.


We work in close dialogue with our customers, tenants and other stake holders in order to deliver social, economic and environmentally sound sustainable solutions. In Sweden the concept Hållbar Renovering, Sustainable Renovation, has established as a very strong offering when refurbishing the large amount of Million programme areas. In Finland NCC is the market leader in renovation of public buildings.