Energy efficient Data Center developed by NCC

After building one of Europe’s largest data centers for Facebook in Luleå, we are ready to deliver projects of any scale at the rapidly growing data storage market.

Nordic countries provide a perfect location for your data center because of the cool climate. Our environment is favorable and stable for the modern technology. Low annual temperature reduces the need for additional cooling. Political stability and legally guaranteed protection of the information ensure safety, security and confidentiality of the data.

NCC Data Center is energy efficient, flexible and reliable. We will be able to provide you a complete data center according to your specific needs. Experienced designers will ensure that even the most demanding solutions will be delivered.

Electricity grid in the Nordics is extremely reliable and provides coverage for the whole country area. In Finland a high-quality and cyber secure data connection is delivered through a submarine fiber optic cable running under the Baltic Sea from Germany.


Part of a concept is a design for a multipurpose data center that will shorten lead times in the development of new projects. This concept can be used both when NCC acts as the developer of a facility as well as when NCC acts as contractor only.

The concept is the result of a co-operation between NCC and experts in data center business such as designers, architects and engineers.

NCC Data Center concept uses best practices from both small and large data centers with robust and efficient technical solutions that will work throughout the Nordic region.

Energy usage efficiency

  • The concept is designed for a PUE level below 1.15.
  • The concept is designed for waste heat recovery, e.g. to district heating systems.
  • It will be possible to use self-produced power, e.g. solar panels or wind power.
  • The concept will be certified in accordance with LEED or BREEAM.


  • The concept is flexible in size, a pay as you grow principle.
  • Raised floor in the data hall.
  • Cooling system with liquid coolant gives flexibility in both layout and waste heat recovery.
  • It can easily be divided for different users with different needs.


A well-integrated design based on best practices and local conditions. Building a Data Center in the Nordics together with NCC offers many other advantages:

  • Sweden and Finland are top-ranked in The Data Centre Risk Index.
  • Europe´s lowest electricity prices
  • Stable and green grid
  • Stable political and economic conditions
  • Cool climate perfect for Data Centers
  • Well-functioning building process
  • NCC has been in operation for more than one hundred years


NCC can offer our Data Center concept to several locations in the Nordics. Stockholm and Helsinki areas are, understandably, very attractive locations. There are also a number of sites in the northern part of Sweden that have been thoroughly investigated and prepared for new Data Center locations on behalf of Business Sweden and its local member organizations. The sites are ready-to-build and they meet the high demands for access to renewable power and high connectivity.