Future Retail by NCC®

A successful retail project focuses on the needs of the end customer. Through our concept Future Retail by NCC®, we develop shopping malls and retail parks where people want to shop, eat, socialize and stop awhile.

The playing field for retailers has changed. The modern shopping facility is more than just pure consumption. Food, drink, entertainment and socializing in addition to first-rate service will transform the retail center into an extra living room. In order to entice people, the location also has to be right.

Meeting Place - Shopping area

The basis of a successful shopping area is to use the location as a point of departure for finding out the type of people who may be expected to shop there. We find out who they are, what they like, what they lack and what needs they may conceivably have in the future. At the same time, the retail premises must satisfy meticulous demands in terms of both the work environment and environmental performance, as well as signage location and proximity to transport links. The needs of the end customer have center stage, as do the employees, for whom the retail premises will be a work environment. The process through which we at NCC develop the future shopping area is called Future Retail by NCC®.

Right location for a new establishment

The location and design of the retail premises are becoming increasingly important in efforts to attract consumers. Shopping malls have become more than a place to do shopping and other errands. They have become meeting places. Experiences and the surroundings are playing an ever crucial role in a bid to ensure that visitors do not turn around at the entrance but decide to linger awhile. To be able to develop shopping areas that will satisfy needs long into the future, we have to be able to understand the consumers' needs today and tomorrow. Thanks to our efforts in cooperation with analysts and trendspotters, we know what creates flows of people and what geographical locations are of interest today and tomorrow. But above all, we meet and interview hundreds of potential customers well before the first spade cuts into the turf. Together with you, we develop retail premises in the right location and premises with a good work environment.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the work environments of the future and to discuss your requirements.