The NCC Folkboende buildings, in a characteristic Swedish style with

NCC Folkboende – Space-smart rental apartments

The NCC Folkboende project makes it possible to build space-smart rental apartments, combining high-quality living standards with favourable real estate economics.

The need for new housing currently outstrips the capacity of most municipalities to supply it. This applies just as much to the demand for smaller homes but building small apartments usually leads to a high cost per square metre. But NCC Folkboende has proved that the opposite can be true.

By means of a combination of modern process-oriented thinking and a high degree of own production, we keep production costs down to a minimum. Space-efficient apartments maximise the living area, while an efficient construction process reduces construction costs. At the same time, the usage of each and every square metre is well thought-through in detail in order to give the tenant the greatest possible quality of living for the rent paid.

Certified with the Nordic Ecolabel

NCC Folkboende is prepared for Nordic Ecolabelling. The awarding of an ecolabel means that the building receives an additional stamp of quality assurance with regard to sustainability and climatic impact. The main characteristics of a Nordic Ecolabelled building are that it:

  • is energy-efficient and has a low carbon footprint
  • is built with materials that contain the smallest possible amounts of substances that are hazardous to health and the environment
  • has a good indoor environment, which makes it healthy to live in
  • has a well thought-through operating and maintenance plan that makes it easy to ensure that the building continues to be energy-economical and retains its good indoor environment for a long time

Easily placed

NCC Folkboende is easily placed and simple to adapt according to different needs. In addition, its levels of energy consumption are considerably lower than is standard for the industry, which contributes to low operating and maintenance costs.

With the knowledge gained from a large number of housing projects, we can now confirm that we have succeeded in what we set out to do: NCC Folkboende has made it possible for property owners to create rental apartments that everybody can afford to live in.

NCC Folkboende is an easily placed apartment block with between four and eight floors and four to six apartments on each floor. It includes an in-built flexibility, enabling you to select the size and the division of the apartments according to your needs.


The space in NCC Folkboende is used very efficiently. Fully 76 % of the total area can be used as living space, and there is room for apartments of between one to four rooms, not including the kitchen. The building has been designed to be easy to place within varying urban landscapes and, because it is a block of apartments, many residences can be created without taking up a lot of land.

In order to provide all balconies with some hours of daytime sunshine, the building is designed to be built in a north-south alignment. But you are not deprived of determining the appearance of the site as the entrance can be placed on any side of the housing. The building can, quite simply, be adapted according to the situation.

Adapted to needs

One of the biggest advantages of NCC Folkboende is its flexibility. Once your needs and requests have been mapped, we shape the character of the building you are constructing.

A proposal will be worked upon by our architect, who is accustomed to combining the possibilities of NCC Folkboende with the on-site conditions. Where is the best place to have the entrance? How are the apartments best divided in the floor plan? What would be the most harmonious combination of exterior and interior colour-schemes? With the help of visualisations, you can easily assess the different options.

High quality living

Thanks to the admission of plenty of natural light, and an open plan layout, a sense of space is created in the apartments. A brick facade, spacious stairwells, easily-furnished balconies, good sound insulation and a well-equipped kitchen – everything combines to add a feeling of quality, all the way from the front door and right into the home.

The location of the entrance is always somewhat secluded and shielded. This enables residents and visitors to enter the building without disturbing those living on the ground floor. The common, well-equipped laundry room is bright and secure, thanks to its location on the entrance floor. Good accessibility for those with functional difficulties permeates the entire building.

Well thought-through from start to finish

One of the principles underpinning NCC Folkboende is the use of the right material in the right place – the right place being where it provides the greatest value for both tenant and property owner. A brick facade is not just timeless in terms of style, but also requires no maintenance. Well-placed windows ensure both maximum energy-efficiency and a substantial flow of light inside the apartments. The walls are made to create a tight climatic shell that ensures low energy consumption and low operating and maintenance costs.

Careful planning, quality materials and genuine craftsmanship have also led to the quick and cost-efficient construction of apartment buildings.

The smart solutions incorporated in NCC Folkboende are the fruits of our long and continued experience of the production of housing. The production has been made more efficient at the same time as traditional craftsmanship has been utilised. This has proven to be the most economical and the most efficient use of resources, in both the short and the long term.

Sound property economics

The basic premise is that NCC Folkboende shall already prove to be profitable during the first year. Maintenance-simplicity and economical operation permeate the entire building – from the construction to the choice of materials. Heavy installations for kitchens and bathrooms have been gathered together in the building’s core. This contributes to cost-efficient production while, at the same time, simplifying future maintenance.

The trunk of the building is cast in concrete in-place and the majority of all installations are enclosed in a cast, which is also good from a sound-absorption and fire-safety perspective. Dependable and durable high-quality materials endow the building with a long service-life. With its low energy consumption, the building also qualifies as a low-energy building.

Efficient construction process

By using our technical platform for residential housing, we do not have to reinvent the wheel for every project. This means that we can provide a short projection period and a low building cost. At the same time, this gives us awareness of the total costs of the project at an early stage; we can select the products that fulfil our quality requirements, gain control of the costs, and secure deliveries to the construction site. This keeps faults and errors to a minimum and you can rest assured that the project schedule is being adhered to.

Short construction period

All solutions used in NCC Folkboende have been adapted to ensure an efficient production process. The construction site takes comprehensive responsibility and work is conducted in accordance with a professional building process where much of the production and construction work is performed on-site. The result is complete commitment and a short construction period.

In twelve months, the apartment building is ready for its first tenants. If two buildings are built at the same time, the construction period is fourteen months.