Picture of young girls playing handball.

Sports halls

Today, over a third of all Swedes aged between seven and seventy are active members of a sports club. The proportion of sporting youngsters is a health seventy percent. The trend is clear – the need for everyone to get their fix of exercise is rising. And to meet that need, more sports halls are going to be required.

Having built a large number of sports halls, we know which solutions and functions work best, and we bring this experience to the planning of every new project. Our sports halls meet all the expectations placed on good practice and competition halls within a broad spectrum of sports.

Our sports halls apply a flexible basic design that can easily be adapted according to the sports and size required. All the variations offer high inbuilt functionality, based on the needs of the hall's users and the property manager's demand for straightforward maintenance.

Functions, technical solutions and materials all deliver extremely good quality and performance. This also makes it easy to obtain environmental certification, a climate declaration and carbon offsetting for the sports hall.

Leisure Pools

NCC has extensive experience of building leisure pools. To ensure the quality of this technically complex task, we have a specialist unit in this field that operates nationwide. Find out more about our leisure pool concept.

Leisure pools are often a costly affair, and we therefore place strong emphasis on financial oversight and control across every phase of the project. Collecting experience and knowledge within one organization is a major asset for our customers. A costing that is highly reliable right from the programming stage is something that gives your project a realistic framework and a good start.

Modern conditions require lasting technical solutions and environmental adaptations. Higher water and air temperatures and a greater load on the pool's water treatment works, for example, bring new challenges. We'll help you to make your leisure pool attractive, functional and accessible to everyone.

Ball Sports Halls

The NCC Ball Sports Hall is a standardized activity hall with a focus on ball sports – handball, mini handball, floorball and mini basketball. Despite the high degree of standardization, there are a number of options available. The NCC Ball Sports Hall can, for example, be expanded to include grandstands and social spaces such as a club room or café. The exterior and interior can also be adapted to give the hall a unique appearance.

Facts NCC Ball Sports Hall

  • Multi-purpose sports hall: 1 609 m2
  • Inner dimensions 44x26 m and ceiling clearance of 7 m
  • Full-sized handball court 40x20 m
  • Transverse courts for mini handball and mini basketball
  • 4 changing rooms, 446 m2
  • Ventilation, lighting and flooring for ball sports and school sports
  • Space along the long side for spectators, storage, etc
  • Universal accessibility
  • Various facade colors to choose from
  • Certified according to Miljöbyggnad's Silver level
  • Break area with kitchenette

Example of options

  • Basketball hoops
  • Grandstand seating/storage along the long side for 50–100 people
  • Larger spectators' grandstand, fixed or sliding, for up to 150 people
  • Curtain wall
  • Extra space for a clubroom, café or similar
  • Different facade material
  • Additional kitchen equipment