Pool project where everything goes swimmingly

We have developed a concept for leisure pools that makes it possible to realize the dream of a new swimming pool in a simple and reliable way. You can also transfer ownership and operation to responsible partners, who will help to deliver vibrant clubs and activities for children and adults of all ages.

Our expertise and experience

Leisure pools are one of the building types that face the greatest stresses and strains. Thanks to experience amassed from previous projects, we know which technical solutions are best at handling the challenges involved in building and operating a leisure pool. In order to make optimum use of previous experience and to ensure that every facility meets the tough requirements expected, NCC has a specialist department that participates in all projects.

NCC's Pool Concept

Based on our broad experience, we have drawn up a technical platform for leisure pool buildings that guarantees a safe, cost-effective pool with lasting quality and efficient operation.

Three models

Through our technical platform, we are able to offer three models of leisure pool, all providing excellent value: Small, Medium and Large. They differ in their size and content, so you can choose a model based on your individual needs and circumstances. The concept was developed by NCC's own specialist leisure pool unit, in collaboration with other industry leaders in the construction, ownership and operation of leisure pool facilities. This ensures a carefully considered end product that also meets your needs regarding logistics and functionality throughout the life cycle of the facility.

Design that lasts

NCC's leisure pools are equally an experience for the visitor and a workplace for the staff who are there every day. The facilities thus need to be easy to clean. The materials have to be hard-wearing and long-lasting, and the logistics have to work. At the same time, the leisure pool should be fun, enjoyable, easy to navigate around and accessible to everyone. High architectural ambition and tried and tested technical solutions are key features of NCC's leisure pools. The high standard helps bring in good visitor numbers and positive revenues over many years.

New way to finance a pool

In collaboration with Medley, we have developed a package solution that allows you to finance, build and run your new leisure pool with a fixed yearly payment. The scheme is a public-private partnership (PPP), where the municipality sets criteria concerning which functions and services must be provided by a public leisure pool. Medley owns and is responsible for operating the facility for the duration of the contract. A rigorous business model guarantees correct procurement and a solid contract many years into the future. And you get a leisure pool that helps keep visitors of all ages enjoying a fit, fun and healthy lifestyle.

Close partnership brings better results

There are major benefits to initiating the partnership early on in the development process. It makes it easier for us to help you choose high-quality and cost-effective materials, plan a smooth construction process and create a better end product. In our experience, partnering has proven to benefit all parties in leisure pool projects.

Jonas Wångsell, BU Customer relations. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Jonas Wångsell

BU Customer relations, NCC Building Sweden