Prefabricated installations shaft

This concept adds value from the 100% digital design phase, through the installation phase and on to the subsequent operational phase. The shaft is configured specifically for the individual building in the planning phase, after which it is built in a factory and transported to site ready for installation alongside assembly of the building’s carcase.

When using prefabricated shaft modules, a building’s permanent heating and ventilation systems can be brought on stream early in the construction process to begin drying the building out without the need for temporary equipment.

The shaft modules are assembled with a steel casting plate for each floor, so it is possible to form and cast all the concrete elements and holes floor by floor.

Constructing a shaft on site requires over 300 different operations per floor. Our prefabricated shaft cuts that number down to around 20.
Niels Paludan, Senior Business Manager, NCC Technical Shafts
Niels Paludan, Senior Forretningschef, NCC Building.
Niels Paludan

Senior forretningschef, NCC Building Nordics