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Renovation is one of our core competencies

We offer renovation, technical services, construction technology, planning and implementation – so all you need is one partner.

Renovation is a discipline that, in certain respects, differs considerably from newbuild projects. For one thing, there is already a building in place, and that building usually already has its users. The developer will have a few ideas, and the contractor’s job is then to make those ideas a reality.

“We love tackling highly complex projects. We have a large team of people with a wealth of experience, who have been with NCC for many years and are dedicated specifically to the renovation of existing structures,” says Director Dennis Nielsen. “Complex projects are an opportunity for us to really bring all our expertise to bear. Early involvement in the projects enables us to apply our resources from the very beginning, rather than bringing them in as an afterthought. This is how we are able to add so much value.”

How to future-proof a building

When you face a refit or renovation, it is always a good idea to consider how best to future-proof the value and functions of the building. This may concern everything from rental value, service life and indoor climate to energy consumption. Technical installations and the building envelope – and indeed the interplay between them – are crucial factors in this respect.

We can help you with all of the above. Collectively or one by one. With experience from over 50 years in the Danish renovation market, we know what it takes for the building process and the finished result to be a real success. We offer a partnership based on commitment and mutual trust, and we know how best to complete a renovation while at the same time keeping everyday life going in the property.

Renovation is not just about stopping older buildings from deteriorating. We create a better indoor climate and increase the value of the building for years to come.
Dennis Nielsen, Director, NCC Energy Renovation Denmark