Drones - facilitating planning, saving time and creating a safer work environment

NCC is one of the construction companies that has come the furthest in the Nordic region in the use of drones. Using drones, we can take photographs and make films from the air, assisting our projects in tasks such as volume estimation and model creation.

Drone service adds value to NCC’s projects through a network of locally based drone coordinators and pilots. Expertise and technology are constantly developed throughout the organization, with considerable benefits to projects by facilitating planning, saving time and contributing to a safer work environment.

From days to minutes in data collection

Drones are used for several different tasks in our operations. In infrastructure projects, it is crucially important to quickly estimate volumes, quantities and working hours, both in terms of preparing information for calculations and for visualizing projects. By using a drone for just 15 minutes, we can create photographs from various angles that allow us to measure elevation difference in an area of 100,000 square meters. This way, we learn exactly how much material is needed. We also obtain graphics that reveal every detail. The same work would have taken several days to complete using traditional methods.

In NCC, drones are used:

  • as a basis for visualization
  • for images of the scenery
  • to take 360-degree panorama photos
  • for planning models at worksites
  • as a basis for project engineering
  • in surveying and inspections
  • to provide volume calculations
  • for 3D models of the land
  • for 3D models of buildings and other constructions


See how NCC Norway uses drones to record and follow progress in a project.