Bild på en NCC-medarbetare som arbetar med VDC via en surfplatta.

What is VDC?

VDC is more than BIM

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is NCC’s way of working with projects supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM). VDC is a completely new way of thinking and approaching a project, how to manage information and how to organize people and their working methods.

VDC is about collaboration

Construction models are our primary source of information and common platform, and they naturally become the starting point of an effective collaboration between all project parties. Our processes provide overview and basis for optimized planning and execution of a project, and the use of NCC Project Studio secures progress and consensus.

VDC is for everyone

VDC is not only for specialists. VDC is for everyone who works on our projects and participates in our processes and it gives us the ability to collect digital knowledge and information during the project life cycle and allows us to constantly improve our way of working. VDC is about how we work together across disciplines, how we communicate, plan and make decisions, and it is about creating interdisciplinary insights.