Our combined power in every unique purchase

In the average construction project, purchasing accounts for around 75 percent of the total construction cost. The purchases therefore have a critical impact on the project’s overall economics.

Purchasing also carries responsibility for environmental and social sustainability. As such, the way we choose to handle our purchases plays a significant role for us as a company but also for our customers. Here at NCC we have therefore long worked to establish a strong and competent purchasing organization with a focus on specialization. Thanks to our size, experience and systematic purchasing work, we are able to offer our customers the best purchasing solutions at the market's lowest overall cost.

Purchasing is a high priority area when it comes to building efficiently and sustainably. Long-term and systematic work on our purchasing process enables us to take control of the quality, environmental credentials, health and safety, distribution and price of the goods and services we buy in.

Our purchasing organization works on procuring the most optimal, specific project purchases and at the same time on finding long-term supplier partnerships in order to benefit from the fact that many of our construction projects make use of similar goods and services.

Here we apply the principle that every part of the purchasing process that doesn't add value can and should be removed. We deal with international purchases through purchasing offices close to the producers, a Lead Buyer, a specialization in selected categories and good framework agreements with carefully selected suppliers. Whatever the nature of the purchase, as a customer you can always benefit from our combined power in each unique case.

Benefits of coordinated purchasing:

  • Greater specialization for more competitive purchasing
  • Control over quality, environment, health and safety
  • Cost-effective volume purchases
  • Centralized category purchasers for systematic purchasing work
  • Local project purchasers for proximity to the customer during the project
  • Secure, efficient and simple international purchasing 
  • Long-term supplier partnerships for the development of goods and services
  • Reliable deliveries and efficient production