Energy production of the future

Our need to change over to renewable energy production presents major challenges and opportunities to us as a company.

We are constructing infrastructure and buildings that contribute to our society to enhance the energy efficiency of the countries in the Nordic region. The transition from finite sources of energy to renewable sources requires everyone's involvement. We want to help contribute to the development of new alternatives for the future.

Renewable energy sources

Today we focus on wind, hydro power and bioenergy. These are areas that are demonstrating better and better project finances, due to such reasons as technological advances. We are also monitoring developments in technology for solar and wave energy, as well as third and fourth generation nuclear energy.

The changeover is necessary and we now see that it is now increasingly driving investments toward implementation. In NCC you have a partner that knows the driving mechanisms behind your investment. As a large company we also have capacity to assist with project financing.

Forms of partnership

Each project is unique and different forms of partnership may be chosen. NCC Partnering is a structured partnership form that is particularly well-suited to this type of often complex facilities. Our experience and expertise are best used when we enter into a partnership at an early stage of the project planning.