Building infrastructure for the Nordic region

Having conducted business for more than 100 years, we have already been involved in creating a large part of the infrastructure that currently connects people, places and countries. Our areas of expertise include roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, underground areas, groundwork, supply mains and energy producing facilities.

Historic investments will be made in the Nordic transportation system over the next decade. New roads and railways will be built, with the main focus on the large cities. With its immense expertise and knowledge, NCC is well-equipped to be part of the expansion of the transportation system.

As one of the largest companies in the industry, we have a responsibility to develop methodology, technology, materials and cooperative formats to lead infrastructure construction into the future. One of our specialties is tackling tricky and complex projects. Our experience and size, combined with our position as number one in working in partnering contracts, make us unbeatable in the area.

NCC offers customers total-package undertakings for which we assume responsibility for both production methods and solutions and for safe workplaces and structured partnering methods.