Eco-friendly Weed Control - NCC Spuma®

NCC Spuma is the greenest way to control weeds.

Reaches weeds everywhere

NCC Spuma is an eco-friendly method developed to control weeds on and near sidewalks, roadsides, traffic islands, parking spaces, overgrown surfaces, etc.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

The method uses hot water (95-98 degrees) that is spread on the weeds. The hot water is kept hot using an insulating foam consisting of corn starch and vegetable oils. These ingredients have the Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice) environmental label. The hot water damages the cell structure of the weeds and the insulating foam prolongs the effect. Weed seeds also lose their ability to germinate. The result is a comprehensive thermal weed control.

Cost-efficient weed control

NCC Spuma is bio-degradable and is not more expensive than other thermal control. Quite the contrary. The effect of using NCC Spuma lasts longer than, for example, using LPG burning or steaming.

Experience shows that during the first year, three to four applications are necessary and the following years two to three. This is far fewer treatments than with the other thermal methods, gas burning and steam.

Hans Säll, Business Development NCC Infrastructure. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Hans Säll

Business Development, NCC Infrastructure