Export service

NCC Industry delivers large quantities of stones to Europe, mainly by boat.

NCC stone material is a branch of NCC that produces and delivers different kind of stones to Europe from our own quarries located south-east in Norway and from Sweden. Our export quarries in Norway are located in Kragerø and Larvik and our export quarries in Sweden are located in Stenungsund.

Our main products are water building stones and aggregates for asphalt, concrete and building purposes.

Please contact us for further information. Our export quarries are listed here.

  • Norvik

    We offer high quality stone material acquired during our ongoing project works with expansion of Stockholm's new container port, Norvik harbour, located South of Stockholm.

  • Larvik

    Larvik is situated along the south eastern coast of Norway, appr. 100 km. south of Oslo.

  • KRAGEROE Quarry, the Quarry at Sea

    The Valberg quarry is located at the Valberg peninsula in the community of Krageroe, on the south-eastern coast of Norway.

  • Stenungsund

    The Stenungsund quarry (Gategårdstäkten) is situated in the southern parts of the Bohuslän coast, approximately 50 km north of Göteborg.