KRAGEROE Quarry, the Quarry at Sea

The Valberg quarry is located at the Valberg peninsula in the community of Krageroe, on the south-eastern coast of Norway.

The rock in the quarry of Valberg is Hyperit, a blue/black, medium to fine-grained rock with high density (3,01). Hyperit contains no quarts or any other harmful heavy metal.

The quarry is located at sea and has its own quays; one for loading aggregates and one for loading rock armor. The location is ideal for serving both the Baltics as well as northern and western Europe.

Area of utilization

Aggregates for asphalt – its strength, stickiness and toughness makes it well suited as an asphalt aggregate. The result is an asphalt with prolonged life-span.

Aggregates for concrete – it is well suited being environmental neutral and non alkali-reactiv.

Sport arenas – for use at trotting tracks, track and field arenas, football fields, racing tracks, tennis courts and golf courses Hyperit is being used with excellent results.

Coastal protection – due to its strength and high density, Hyperit Armour Stone is being used for coastal protection as well as the building of quays and moles.

Road construction - 0-18 og 0-32 millim. compact well and is known for its ability to make stable bases for road construction purposes.

Aggregates for Railroad – due to its strength, Hyperit makes a stable base for railroad construction.

Mason purposes - due to its dark grey/black colour Hyperit is well suited for architectural purposes like the building of quays and walls.

Courtyards – Hyperit is well graded in all sizes combined with an attractive dark grey colour making it suited for use in yards and drives.


NS-EN 12620
Aggregates for concrete

NS-EN 13043
Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas.

NS-EN 13242
Hyperit for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction.

NS-EN 13383-1
Hyperit for water building purposes.