Coastal protection in Denmark with Hyperit Armour Stones

NCC Armour Stone

With rougher weather conditions, increased numbers of floods and increasing sea levels, the need for coastal protection around the globe is increasing.

New coastal infrastructure projects are being built and the increased demand for renewable energy results in new off shore wind mill parks.

Hyperit armour stones from Kragerø in the southern part of Norway has for many years been used in several major projects in Europe. Among them Storebælt, coastal protection on the Danish West Coast, Hvide Sande, Thorsminde, lobster reef at Læsø, the windmill park of Horns Reef, DK, windmill park Borkum Reef, projects at Sylt and Helgoland in Germany, Maasvlachte 1 and 2 in Rotterdam, Rotterdam Harbour and several others.

With Hyperit`s high density of 2,94-3,08, the armour stones made of Hyperit is well suited to resist the most severe storms and currents. Another advantage with the high density is the need for less volume.

Armour Stone quarry

The NCC Armour Stone quarry is located at Valberg, Kragerø, on the south-eastern coast of Norway. The quarry is located at sea and has its own quays. Map coordinates for the Armour Stone export port are 58.880560, 9.421985.

From the Valberg Pukkverk, Kragerø, NCC produces armour stones according to CE 13383 and deliver fractions from 5-40 kilo up to 10-12 Metric tons. With the high density of Hyperit (2,94 - 3,08) less volume is needed. The width of the canal as well as the depth is maintained.

Armour Stone canal protection
Erosion control, Bremen, securing the banks with high density Hyperit Armour Stones.