NCC Armour Stone

Do you need to resist the power of waves? Our armour stone is many million years old and therefore stands the test of time and faces the elements better than anything else.

When you build costal protection, quays, harbors, bridges, channels and roads by the sea, NCC Armour Stone helps you meet the challenge. The stone material is heavier and denser than almost any other in northern Europe and, therefore, is more durable, saves resources and gives total value for money.

NCC Armour Stone is selected and produced to meet the strict regulations of coastal constructions. As another result of the stone’s high density, it doesn’t absorb water and freeze in the winter. The stone’s weight means it resists the power of waves and currents both on the coast and, for example, in channels. Simply put, you can build wider and deeper channels with lower maintenance costs, because you need less stone volume.
NCC Armour Stone with product name Hyperit comes from Norway. It has been applied to European bridges, quays, harbors, wave breakers and other coastal protection for the past 100 years. Lately it has become popular also in offshore windmill parks, where the heavy stone protects turbine constructions, pipelines and cables in all weathers.

NCC Armour Stone helps resist the effects of increased rainfall and waterflow

More often than before, we are experiencing severe weather, heavy rainfall and waterflow also in rivers, channels, and at the sea shores. They threaten the investments made in waterfront structures. Therefore, in order to fight potential waterflow from rivers or water ways, you should select the heaviest possible natural stone, NCC Armour Stone.

NCC Armour Stone’s high density adds durability and stability to your constructions

As cities grow by the water, there is an increasing need to protect shores, roads and bridges from waves and waterflow. Offshore we are seeing more and more windmill parks, harbor structures and wave breakers that are expensive to build. And even more expensive to build again. To gain longer life time for them, also under water, we advise you to consider NCC Armour Stone.

Who is our customers?

Local and regional decision-makers

Governments, local administration and politicians need solutions to eliminate the effects of climate change and the impact of increased waterflows. When they make important decisions about infrastructure, their ultimate goal is to raise the community’s quality of life and create better value for the citizens. These targets also set guidelines for the waterfront planning and construction.

Construction companies

Delivering sustainable infrastructure, managing the impact of increasing rainfalls and waterflows, supporting new offshore and underwater solutions – these are key targets that construction companies concentrate on. Every business owner benefits from transparency in their materials and their sources.

Engineering companies and professionals

NCC Armour Stone allows better planning for waterfront building and shore protection. It may sound simple, but for engineers and architects, the unique density and stability of the rock is vitally important. It is the solid foundation you can build on.

Citizens by the sea

Citizens expect better life cycle value for waterfront infrastructure and constructions, because water adds value to homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. Other aspects that deserve to be highlighted include safety of traffic and security in utilising underwater resources.