Illustration: "Smart choices for a better world", against a space background with the Earth to the right.

Smart Choices for a better world

The sustainability challenges we are facing today demand new ways of doing things. Within the industry of aggregates and asphalt we can make a big difference. So, let’s talk about making Smart Choices together.

Do you want to make decisions that create good living conditions for us today, without endangering the living conditions of future generations? We do too. It’s a powerful driving force and together with you, our customers and stakeholders, we can develop sustainable solutions that make a difference. We can start by making some Smart Choices right now.

Our ambition

  • Be an active part in changing the industry mindset
  • Measure our progress to ensure continuous improvement
  • Make Smart Choices in our work that create a better world

Sustainable Smart Choices in practice

The NCC concept of Smart Choices aims high. A Smart Choice needs to reduce the environmental impact in a life cycle perspective, reduce the negative impact of climate change or improve well-being during work or leisure. A Smart Choice may not outcompete other globally vital functions, like food supply, and also needs to fulfill a number of criteria regarding quality and function.

Products and solutions within Smart Choices

At NCC, we work hard at reducing our industry's environmental footprint and to lead the way with long-term, sustainable products and services. The foundation of Smart Choices can be found in the 6 focus areas of the NCC Sustainability Framework. We don’t have all the solutions. But we are eager to keep exploring them together with you. Let us present some of the results within the NCC stone materials and asphalt division:

NCC Smart Choices

Marie Berglund, Raw material & environment, NCC Industry
Marie Berglund

Raw material & environment, NCC Industry

Smart Choices NCC Green Asphalt

Reach your CO2-targets with NCC Green Asphalt

The emission of CO2 and other climate gases can be greatly reduced when producing asphalt by cutting the use of fossil fuels, optimizing energy and saving resources. NCC Green Asphalt is our way of producing asphalt with the lowest impact on the environment.

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Smart Choices NCC Armour Stone

Protect your shores with NCC Armour Stone

Do you need to resist the power of waves, rainfall or waterflow? When you build costal protection, quays, harbors, bridges, channels and roads by the sea, NCC Armour Stone helps you meet the challenge. Its high density adds durability and stability to your constructions.

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Smart Choices NCC Maskinsand

Replace natural sand and gravel with NCC Machine Sand

Natural sand and gravel have been used for construction purposes for millennia. But we need to use this resource sparingly. Use NCC Machine Sand, made from rocks, instead. The product can achieve high quality, which means that the share of cement you need in concrete can be reduced.

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Prevent leakages of harmful products with bentonite solutions

Membranes prevent leakages of harmful chemical products into soil and groundwater. Bentonite is a self-repairing sustainable nature material that can be used for example for landfills.

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Smart Choices NCC Kielo

Increased biodiversity thanks to NCC Kielo

NCC Kielo is all about maintaining and promoting biodiversity in our quarries and gravel pits. We systematically support, develop and enhance biodiversity both during operations and afterwards, in the rehabilitating phase. Giving back and leaving as little trace as possible.

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Smart Choices NCC Hållbar Arbetsplats

Superior Sustainable Sites

In order to manage sustainability issues within production, we have a set of mandatory and extended sustainability requirements at every site – emissions, waste, energy, materials, social inclusion and much more. In your project, you can affect the extent of actions taken, creating a Better or even Superior Sustainable Site. Let’s aim high.

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