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NCC's Sustainability Work

In NCC’s view, sustainability involves considering the needs of current and future generations, increasing capacity for profitable growth and taking responsibility over the long term for our daily operations. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable world.

Sustainability strategy

NCC’s sustainability work forms the foundation for NCC’s future development. The key areas for NCC’s sustainability efforts are illustrated in our sustainability framework – Health and safety, Social inclusion, Materials and waste, Climate and energy, Compliance, and Portfolio performance. NCC has set strategic objectives for 2016-2020 and long-term directions for all areas of the framework.

Illustration of NCC:s sustainability framework.

Sustainable construction

The purpose of sustainability work is to create the conditions for people to work, live, travel and live in a sustainable way, and to increase value for shareholders and customers alike, as well as for society as a whole.
Read more about our sustainability work in our sustainability report, which is integrated in the annual report, or click one of the pages below.