Gravel, macadam, rock flour and crushed rock - the core of our business

Crushed rock products go under many names depending on the application area. It can also be a question of crushed rock being mixed with other products to give the material the right properties. For example, filling material, base course and wearing course.

Crushed rock products have crushed surfaces with sharp edges, do not roll and are stable after compaction. The size of our material is usually specified in millimeters. This means for example that rock flour 0/2 is a crushed rock material where more than 75 % of the particles are less than 2 mm.

Crushed rock products can be divided into three categories:

Rock flour is fine fractions e.g. 0/2 or 0/4 mm. The material is used ideally for paving or adjusting and soil sealing of driving surfaces, pathways, driveways, football pitches and similar surfaces.

Crushed rock is more coarse fractions where even the finest particles are included, for example, in the fractions 0/16, 0/32 or 0/63 mm. The material is often known as road gravel, base course or sub-base depending on the fraction and area of use.

Macadam is a material with a lower and upper limit. For example, 2/4, 8/11, 8/16 mm. The range of sizes and a lack of fine material gives a drainage effect with less sensitivity to hoar frost and ground frost. The product is the crushed equivalent to shingle, yet through its structure provides a stable surface that is practical for e.g. driveways as it remains on the gravel driveway and does not roll out onto the lawn.

At many of our plants you can get washed stone products in different fractions. Be aware that our products can differ in color depending on where in the country you purchase the product.