Prevent leakages of harmful products with bentonite solutions

Are you looking for a membrane solution that has minimum or no impact on the environment? What about one with an extended lifetime and low total cost of ownership?

As environmental regulations become even tighter to curb the impact of global climate change, new solutions based on more environmentally compatible materials are a necessity.

Dantonit A/S has developed a waterproof bentonite solution, based on natural, self-repairing material. One of our main focus areas is membranes for e.g. landfills where the bentonite, which is a self-repairing nature material, prevents leakages of harmful chemical products into soil and groundwater.

A high quality product

The quality of our bentonite membranes is significantly higher than that with plastic alternatives. Additionally, the membranes feature a self-repairing material, which adds to the longevity of the solution.

What makes our membranes unique is that no chemicals or additives have been used to achieve their high density. Bentonite effectively prevents any leakages of harmful elements into the soil or water, especially the surrounding groundwater. For humans and wildlife, the natural material also avoids any undesirable effects, such as toxicity or bioaccumulation.

Dantonit stands for flexibility

Depending on the application, Dantonit offers two main membrane solutions, both with exceptional reliability and flexibility.

The DantoCrude raw bentonite membrane provides the ultimate protection against leakage. The low-permeability layer is dense and extremely robust. The membrane features permanent flexibility, ensuring superior performance, remaining watertight and intact year after year.

DantoCrude is typically recommended for use to secure an area from contaminant seepage or to stop water from seeping down through soil layers. It is a good choice when establishing a landfill that requires an impermeable base layer or to secure a previously contaminated site against further leakage into the groundwater.

DantoBES (Bentonite Enhanced Soil) is a specially designed sand which is enhanced with bentonite powder, to make it low permeable. The finished BES material is incredibly easy and flexible to work with. It can be handled and laid using standard construction machinery in a quick and easy process. It is also possible to use a local base material and then mix the BES material on site for lower transportation costs.