NCC Machine Sand – See the value of sand

Sand has always played an essential role in construction – and it still does. In the nature, sand and gravel have the timeless task of filtering and purifying ground water. Therefore, we have developed a range of machine sand products that replace natural sand in construction.

Sand is a natural resource that has been used for construction for millennia, but we need to use it sparingly. In NCC’s portfolio of stone materials, NCC Machine Sand provides an industrial scale alternative* for natural sand. NCC Machine Sand is based on rocks that are crushed, sieved and refined to meet customers’ requirements in various applications.

NCC Machine Sand can replace natural sand or gravel in concrete production, asphalt production, sports and recreational infrastructure and civil engineering projects. It is also suitable for slippery roads, cable sand and as sealing layers, among others.

NCC Machine Sand means quality

Every time you select NCC Machine Sand, you both save natural sand and help achieve high quality in your own product. Made to replace natural sand or gravel it is an impeccable material for products such as concrete. It reduces the share of cement you need – making your carbon footprint lighter.

In fact, the consistent and monitored particle sizes are a starting point for a value chain of construction quality. It reaches all the way to the asphalt of your street or to your house’s strong cornerstone.

NCC Machine Sand is a local product

We have set up NCC Machine Sand production sites in Sweden and Norway. The product is efficiently transported as a local product to our customers who include concrete and asphalt sites, stone processing companies, municipal outdoor facilities managers and infrastructure contractors.