Sand products can for example be used in slippery conditions, for paving, for children’s sandboxes, when mixing mortar, etc. You can buy sand for different application areas here.

Play sand - sand for sandboxes

Play sand is a dear child with many names. Sandbox sand, back sand, nursery sand are just a few. The sand has a high fine content, and is perfect for backing sand cakes when it is damp. It is also an ideal sand for sandboxes.
The fantastic characteristic that allows the small sand particles to be held together using water in technical terms is known as capillary effect.

Swing sand

Swing sand is a product that is well-suited as a base for a swing set frame. The sand has characteristics that cause it to yield on impact and has a dampening effect, which differs from Play sand.

Plastering sand

Plastering sand is perfect for plastering, where a render is made and applied as a surface coating on walls, stonework and even on ceilings. The material is mixed with a binding agent, water and any additive and color pigment. In general, the binding agent is cement or lime.

It is important, to achieve a good result, that the render is smooth to work with and at the same time adheres to the substrate. Plastering is a craft where experience and a feel for the material are decisive.

At times the render recipe must be adapted to the work to be carried out and is usually applied by hand for minor work and repairs. For larger projects the render can also be sprayed on by a machine. The final appearance of the surface can vary from a coarse plaster to a smooth steel-troweled surface.